The Jamestown Plan Commission is the Town’s land use and development advisory commission. The Plan Commission is comprised of 7 residents appointed to 4 year terms by the Town Council. 

The duties and powers of the Plan Commission are defined in Indiana Code 36-7-4, Local Planning and Zoning.

Duties include:
Make recommendations to the legislative body or bodies concerning the adoption of the comprehensive plan and amendments to the comprehensive plan; the adoption or text amendment of an initial zoning ordinance, a replacement zoning ordinance, and a subdivision control ordinance; the adoption or amendment of a PUD district ordinance; and zone map changes 

Render decisions concerning and approve plats, replats, and amendments to plats of subdivisions  and development plan review and approval.

All documents and communications for the Jamestown Plan Commission members should be sent to the Municipal Operations Advisor @ or the Clerk Treasurer @ to comply with receipt and notification requirements.

The Jamestown Plan Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month @ 6 PM unless designated otherwise by the commission.

2020 Jamestown Plan Commission Members:

Vacant (Resident)
Jay Randle (Resident)
Lynn Hiller (Resident)
Vacant (Resident)
Vacant (Town Council)
Glenda Hieston (Town Employee)
Katie Conyer (Clerk Treasurer)

Jamestown Plan Commission Application Packet