The Clerk Treasurer is the elected chief fiscal officer of the town and is responsible for handling the accounting, collection, and disbursement of funds and all financial matters pertaining to the town. The duties of the Clerk-Treasurer are defined by the Indiana Code, Municipal Code of Ordinances, and the directives of the municipal governing body, within the law. The Clerk-Treasurer is also charged with the safe keeping of ordinances, resolutions, contracts, council minutes, investments and any other municipal record. Duties may also include administering oaths and solemnizing marriages. Need more information on your marriage license?


Office Location:
421 East Main Street
Jamestown, IN 46147

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 165
Jamestown, IN 46147

Jamestown Clerk Treasurer:
Lori Hieston
(765) 676-6331

Deputy Clerk:
Pamela Leibowitz
(765) 676-6331