The Jamestown Plan Commission is the Town’s land use and development advisory commission. The Plan Commission is comprised of 7 residents appointed to 4 year terms by the Town Council. 

The duties and powers of the Plan Commission are defined in Indiana Code 36-7-4, Local Planning and Zoning.

Duties include:
Make recommendations to the legislative body or bodies concerning the adoption of the comprehensive plan and amendments to the comprehensive plan; the adoption or text amendment of an initial zoning ordinance, a replacement zoning ordinance, and a subdivision control ordinance; the adoption or amendment of a PUD district ordinance; and zone map changes 

Render decisions concerning and approve plats, re-plats, and amendments to plats of subdivisions  and development plan review and approval.

All documents and communications for the Jamestown Plan Commission members should be sent to the Clerk Treasurer @ to comply with receipt and notification requirements.

The Jamestown Plan Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month @ 6:30 PM or directly following the BZA meeting (whichever is sooner).

2023 Jamestown Plan Commission Members:

Sharon Spears (Resident)
Shane Childress (Town Council)
Jason Leibowitz (Resident)
Katie Owen (Resident)
Carol “Cookie” Leeke (Town Council)
Josh Hawkins (Town Employee)
Lori Hieston (Town Employee)

2023 Current Petitions:

PC22-001-ZA Triangle (Public Hearing 2/5/2023)

PC22-001-ZA Triangle (Staff Report )
PC20-004-ZA Perillo (Public Hearing 2/4/2021)
PC20-004-ZA Perillo (Staff Report)

Jamestown Plan Commission Application Packet